10 comments on “Age of Fantasy: The Ravening Hordes

  1. I’ve barely played a thing in the last coupleof years, though I have had the 1PR set for awhile, and considered giving it a go when I do start clashing swords (and bolters) again. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, and seeing the pics of your amazing looking battle makes me want to give it a go all the more.
    Of course, the beautifully painted armies get a lot of the credit for that – and what is that mat you’re using?

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    • It’s such a simple, playable rule system. Sure, you could probably find some loopholes and create broken armies, but that’s not why I play tabletop games.
      The mat is from Cigar Box Battle Mats! It’s a double sided plush mat, from a Kickstarter a few years back.

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      • I’ve recently picked up one of their mats for my 15mm gaming – I might have to get a second one, as I really like the semi-scorched earth look of the one you’re using in this battle.


  2. What a fun game! I choose not to fixate on that horrible morale roll now that I have replaced all my dice. I like to reminisce about my wizard getting lucky on that spell that wiped out half your sorcerer’s escort. Wizard duel!

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  3. I hear a lot of good things about Age of Fantasy and this battle has a certain LOTRSBG charm about it, with the sequence of play pushing hard in favour of one side and then the other. I hope there’s a general and strict “no supplements!” rule in place? Age of Sigmar’s lean and mean core rules brag impressed me at first but with layers of battletomes and realm books and compendia on top of them and every unit having its own one page of rules with unique profiles on them, it’s not really holding true to the hype there.


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