Caluphel: Awakenings (Summer 2018 Campaign)


A new chapter dawns for Caluphel Prime

Imperial Despatches ca. 111.M42

While the Cicatrix Maledictum continues to spread like an impenetrable curtain, the strategic genius of Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman has turned the tide of the conflict. In a thousand war zones of the Indomitus Crusade, the forces of the Imperium are proving themselves against the forces of the Ruinous Powers.

In the Jericho Reach, watch stations have made contact with Macragge to report that the long-lost system of Caluphel Prime has been found in the Eastern Reach. Stellar drift cannot account for the relocation of an entire star system. Imperial forces stranded on the surface during the planet’s malign sojourn through the warp continue to contest the planet and the system against vile xenos and Heretic Astartes.

The Imperium’s 402nd Expeditionary Fleet has been able to resupply Imperial forces on Caluphel Prime after re-establishing contact, but orbital surveys reported the presence of massive Blackstone Pylons, similar to those on Cadia prior to the Fall.

As a result, Warmaster Jedhansen has declared the Caluphel system to be of the highest strategic importance. A loss here would relinquish control of the Segmentum Obscurus to the enemies of Humanity. Fresh relief forces of Astra Militarum and Adeptus Astartes have begun the push to relieve the defenders and reclaim the Caluphel system…

Thus begins our summer 2018 campaign! See below for what we’re working toward at the moment…

Factions and Key Players

Caluphel Awakenings is an opportunity for us to develop the narrative of our chosen factions. The five players participating in the campaign wrote up their own lore at the outset of the campaign this summer.

Battle Reports

Read on for the epic clashes and scrappy skirmishes that played out during the campaign (in roughly chronological order).

Building Out the Map

One of the key goals of Caluphel Awakenings was to build out the map of our little corner of the Eastern Fringe. To that end, each player was tasked with developing a sub-sector and detailing the planets, moons and other key locations therein. Here’s what we came up with.

Each of the links above takes you to a more thorough write-up of the sub-sector as imagined by the players of the Caluphel Awakenings campaign. We’re pretty pleased with how things are shaping up so far!

Painting and Modeling

Another goal that probably shouldn’t surprise anyone is focused on painting and modeling. Paul (our stalwart gamemaster) set up a points system that lets players score points for items built and painted. Here’s what we’ve produced so far since the campaign started.