Nightwatch: Beyond the Borderlands

In 2022 my game group started up a tabletop campaign featuring Nightwatch, a skirmish miniatures game of monster hunting in the dark corners of the world. The game does a great job representing a small group of elite, highly capable monster hunters (think Geralt from The Witcher) battling against ever-increasing waves of demonic vermin, undead hordes, and terrifying atrocities.

Nightwatch is a collaborative game where the players are all on the same team and the monsters are controlled by a simple AI – but don’t let that approach fool you. There’s quite a bit of depth to the game, as the players each develop their own goals that must be pursued throughout a typical seven-session campaign.

As we did in our Frostgrave campaign, we also used this Nightwatch campaign as an opportunity to increase our terrain supply. Our campaign was set in the dusty, windswept badlands on the borders of a frontier province, and so we crafted some desert-themed terrain for our games.

Check out any of the battle reports below (listed in roughly chronological order) to read more!