2 comments on “Fully Painted: Necromunda Orlock Gang

  1. Great work Pat!
    I’ve got them in hand and they are quite well done. As for sources, the non-Necromunda guys are as follows.
    Pic 1 on left is a Figure from AlphaForge/Megaminis. I swapped the head with a warzone fig.
    Pic 3 The chubby leader is another AlphaForge/Megamins fig with swapped weapons
    Pic 5 The lone guy with a bolter is a Rogue Trader area Citadel “trooper”/
    Pic 6 The fellow on the left is another AlphaForge/Megaminis fig with a set of blades added to his back.

    The other figs are stock Necromunda Orlocks with a couple of weapon swaps/mods and a couple of Victoria Gas masks added to disguise the figs that are doubles.


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