4 comments on “Open Combat Battle Report and Review

  1. Yeah Open Combat! An excellent game.

    Here’s an idea for mass open combat: use a single stat-line for a unit of figures, with Fortitude equal to the number of figures in the unit. When the unit loses a point of FOR, they also lose a figure. Measure all distances and facings from the unit’s leader and you could have a jolly 20-30 figure per side melee that still only uses 4-6 statlines and 200 points.

    If you’re interested, I did a little probability breakdown years ago on the attack dice as well. It’s similar, in fact, to how Bloodbowl works, and contains a surprising amount of tactical depth: http://mdarrow.blogspot.com/2015/06/chronicles-of-yore-open-combat-on-drear.html


    • Hey Mattias! Funny you should mention that blog post … I was re-reading your battle report from Drear Heath yesterday as I was finishing up this article! I like your idea for emulating mass battles. Dragon Rampant takes a similar tack, with each figure representing a “hit point” in the larger unit.


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