11 comments on “Rescue Job: Putrid Blightkings

      • I like the current plastic ones. I built a couple of boxes of them awhile ago now and had a lot of fun with them. I also enjoy playing horde infantry in games that are somewhat hard to shift whether due to toughness or morale or both, which is part of the reason (besides liking to paint them) that I favor Nurgle.

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  1. They look really good. Except for the horse tail, I hadn’t spotted an issue with them when I checked out the photos before reading the text so you’ve done a Sterling job with the cover up as well as pulling off the bright palette and still keeping it nicely Nurgle.
    As for favourite Chaos models, I think the combination of nostalgia and Jes Goodwin’s sculpting skill will make me call the ROC-era champions, thought honestly the chaos ranges are so full of amazing models over the years….

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  2. Well done, sir! I can’t wait to face them on the battlefield. I tend to prefer the primal ragemonster type chaos models. For example, the heap of Wild Hunt warcry models waiting their turn in my pile of potential.


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