8 comments on “Age of Fantasy: The Ravening Hordes

  1. I’ve barely played a thing in the last coupleof years, though I have had the 1PR set for awhile, and considered giving it a go when I do start clashing swords (and bolters) again. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, and seeing the pics of your amazing looking battle makes me want to give it a go all the more.
    Of course, the beautifully painted armies get a lot of the credit for that – and what is that mat you’re using?

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    • It’s such a simple, playable rule system. Sure, you could probably find some loopholes and create broken armies, but that’s not why I play tabletop games.
      The mat is from Cigar Box Battle Mats! It’s a double sided plush mat, from a Kickstarter a few years back.

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  2. What a fun game! I choose not to fixate on that horrible morale roll now that I have replaced all my dice. I like to reminisce about my wizard getting lucky on that spell that wiped out half your sorcerer’s escort. Wizard duel!

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