3 comments on “Age of Fantasy: The Realm of Light

  1. Interesting game. Would you liken the rules to another game set? It’s not one I’ve heard of before. I’ve just been introduced to another ruleset called fantastical battles which I’m hoping to try out shortly


    • The rules are part of the One Page Rules family of games, which (as you might surmise) are intended to be fast playing with minimal record keeping and rulebook flipping. Most units have a handful of stats, plus a few more for their weaponry … far less than a typical game of 40k or Age of Sigmar. Perhaps most importantly, the game uses alternating unit activation (as opposed to IGOUGO), so players are active participants throughout the turn. Honestly, it provides everything I want in a fantasy game, and it’s built to let me use my own miniatures with no blind loyalty to any particular toy soldier producer. I really like it a lot.

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