4 comments on “Grimdark Future: Spearpoint Assault!

  1. My problem with the OPR systems is that things might have gotten simpler and faster but at the cost flavor for the different factions. That in turn wouldn’t be a problem if the rules had clever or fun mechanisms that makes even mirror matches interesting. Sadly I don’t think they have any.

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    • I definitely feel that. I’ve played a lot of rules lite, fairly minimalist games over the years, so I guess I’m used to getting that flavor satisfaction from making my models look cool and unique thru painting and modeling, rather than how they are represented through the rules.

      And of course, the vastly reduced mental load required to prep & play a OPR game is a huge selling point for me, too. The flavor of 40k is superb but it comes with a cost … 4 hours to play 2 turns before we pack up and head home, etc.

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    • It’s quite satisfying to actually finish a game, isn’t it? Simpler rulesets really seem to suit this hectic phase of life that I and most of my gaming friends find ourselves in.

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