7 comments on “Do You Even Kanban?

  1. Good idea! 🙂 I try and keep track of projects by what’s in my storage boxes, the first step being is there enough room in the boxes for the next project! Prepared and based figures then go into the boxes so I know how much space is left and then I work through going form box to box finishing bits at a time! I probably work like you in that it’s never complete armies but bits added to existing ones. New projects tend to build up slowly but I don’t have that many new ones (fortunately)!


  2. the visual is nice; I like my work kanban, so it does make sense to use for the fun stuff too. I use a spreadsheet, but with the effort to open it, I don’t update it consistently and it doesn’t have the satisfaction of moving bits of paper about

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  3. This is a really interesting article, as I’m not really sure I actually organize my projects, things I’m doing are on the painting desk (in various stages) but thats about it.
    What I find interesting is that you are actively thinking about it, not that there is anything wrong with that, just that I can not really imagen ever doing that, its great to see different peoples take on their hobby.

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    • I found that adding the barest hint of organization to my workbench helps me feel a little more at ease with the general chaos of how I approach this hobby. 🥲

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