2 comments on “Confessions of an Impatient Painter

  1. Great advice and thanks for the shout-out to my dipping tutorial! I do roughly the same thing, but I’ve unfortunatey often lost momentum getting bogged down in an army or a particularly large unit when I should have broken my painting schedule up with other projects. This is a great reminder to mix it up a bit.

    Two more short-cut tips.
    1) If you want to paint something that has to be bit brighter, white or light grey base coat works well. It can allow you to use washes or wattery paint for a quick false-highlight effect. For solid colors you may have to cover a bit more thorughly than with a black undercoat, but usually the dip will hide any missed crevases.

    2) Colored spray paints. I haven’t used many of the mini-specific brands of spray, but there’s a wide range of camo colored spray paints and grey and red primers at the hardware store that can give you a prime and base coat in one step if green, tan, greys, browns or rust red are an option for your model.


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