5 comments on “The Games In My Head

    • Thanks! I think this is what separates us from tournament players and people who play with unpainted armies for years on end.


  1. Loved this post. I totally understand your philosophy about having “headspace” for the hobby. You need a reservoir of pent-up creative fusion to really bring miniatures to life on the tabletop.

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    • Appreciate the comment! I don’t play minis competitively, so there’s only so much satisfaction I can derive from list building and strategizing. Hence: the story, the lore, the legend!


  2. Well put. I think the mental enjoyment is a factor in many hobbies. Gaming offers particularly fertile ground for thinking in narratives and there are probably backstories for nearly all my painted miniatures -even those that have never been on the table-, but other hobbies like railroading and scale model building have very simlar opportunities.

    Additionally, while they may not lead to fictional universes, I think even hobbies as different as classic cars and sports are as valuable to their fans for the enjoyable time spent thinking about them as much as participating.


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