11 comments on “My Take: Six Pillars of the Hobby

    • Thanks! I think that’s really cool that you and i are able to share the rest of these pillars, even though you’re focused on the modeling aspect of the hobby.

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  1. an interesting challenge, although I’m not sure my ranking would be constant over time. The top 3 would remain the same: social, painting, gaming; followed by the others: lore/history (for historical), assembly, collecting. cheers.


  2. This is a good one. I’d probably say: socialising first. assembling and lore as a joint 2nd (I love building miniatures and get an almost childlike joy in it. With regards to lore, that was probably my main beef with the switch from Warhammer to AOS, the loss/complete change of the lore of a world I had 25+ years invested in, I still think it’s the most well developed game world and why I still revel in it. I also love the 30/40k world and Starwars even if they retconned all the original novels that followed RotJ).
    Gaming is next, though this ties in closely with socialising and it’s rare we finish a game if only due to prematch chats (I can be quite competitive but I don’t take it seriously and don’t mind if I take a spanking if I have a fun game and in fairness the games where it goes horribly wrong are sometimes the most fun),
    Collecting and painting are at last but not least. I love being in a position to pick up some of the older metal models I admired years ago (and fully admit to being a Warhammer horder).
    I don’t dislike painting and have reached a stage where I’m comfortable with the level of my painting (which is fairly tabletop) and although I much prefer to field painted armies it is the one I find the hardest to fit in.


    • It’s funny how some of the best games are the ones where we only make it to turn 2 or 3 before we have to wrap up. Obviously we filled the time with chatting and table talk and general socializing. Sounds like you can sympathize with that!

      I share your appreciation of the older metal models, too! It’s really satisfying to track down some of the older metal models that I ogled in the pages of White Dwarf as a kid.

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  3. I’m a painter first. Probably a collector second, though that doesn’r exactly do me any good.

    Socialising is an odd on nowadays – I catch up with gamer-friends roughly once a week but they’re not really miniatures gamers – my old group sort of broke up years ago and now live all over the city, and I don’t really have the time to catch up with them anymore, so I rarely get to play miniatures games anymore, except with my regular gamer-friends, who tend much more towards multiplayer videogames, boardgames and RPGs in that order – miniatures being an occasional thing at best for them despite my best efforts.

    So gaming fits in oddly. I’d like to do it more, but I’m not keen on going out to games stores or clubs anymore – nor to inviting strangers into my home. So you see the dilemma!

    I like the lore, but I don’t have time to read novels (again, despite best efforts to fit them in). Sure, some of it is wonky or worse, but overall I still greatly enjoy the 40 and Old World Settings. I’m stil indiffernt at best to the AoS lore. I’m also WAY too busy to always be reading new rulesets andteaching them, which unfortunately seems to be my role with new miniature games. So it ends up not happening all that often.

    These days, I pretty much hate assembly and building models. Can’t stand it with the result that I have a pile of huge kits that haven’t been assembled yet.

    So there ya go!

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    • Interesting comments, Azazel. I share your thoughts on gaming — I’m not the sort to pack up my toys and head down to the local shop to grab a game with just anyone. Much prefer to put in the work required to build a local game group where we’re friends first, gamers second.

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      • Yeah, it’s largely a time thing in a lot of ways. When I was younger, at uni, shared accommodation, I thought nothing of going out for a game once or twice a week. I went out into the city for study anyway, so the routine was already there, even if it was me heading into town at 3pm for a Friday night game.

        Now? That ain’t happening! I prefer to kick back in my home and have friends over, even though we end up playing board games or LAN-style videogames instead of minis. And with the fatigue that comes from having a real job, gaming twice a week is like a pipe dream!


  4. Good read.
    I wonder where terrain building comes in? A combination of painting and assembling maybe?
    Terrain Buildign would have been 2 or 3 for me with socializing being #1.


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